5 Tips for your Bahamas Destination Wedding Day

1. Be relaxed and calm

Go to bed early the night before. Wake up refreshed. Your wedding planner should put together a schedule of events for your wedding day to keep you on tract allowing you the adequate time for everything that you have to do. No rushing or running behind schedule. You want to be relaxed!

2. Eat

You have to eat. That’s almost the last thing you think about, because there is so much going on. Have a nutritious breakfast and stay hydrated throughout the day. Have some food in your room so that you can snack if you need to and if your wedding is in the afternoon. You need  your energy. It’s going to be a long day filled with excitement.

3. Be comfortable

You may want to take off your heels, or change shoes or change into another dress later on during your reception. Do it! Be comfortable!

4. The unexpected can happen

The most important event on this day, will be that you are marrying your best friend, the person you love with all your heart and will be spending the rest of your life with. Don’t let anything ruin your day or take away your joy. The unexpected can happen, be prepared for this just in case and decide ahead of time that this will be the best day ever no matter what!

5. Live in the moment

From the ceremony to the reception the seconds will fly by. Take the time to cease the moment as though time has stopped. See the expressions on everyone’s faces as you walk down the aisle especially your husband who is waiting for you at the altar. Treasure all the beautiful moments that will stay in your heart and mind forever.

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