Navigating Bahamas Travel Health Protocols in 2022

Navigating Bahamas Travel Health Protocols in 2022

(Current as of April 12, 2022) – As travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic begin to soften around the world, you might be concerned that a destination wedding in a foreign country might create more complications than it’s worth for you and your wedding party.

Keeping up with the requirements as they change week-to-week may seem overwhelming in addition to planning your dream wedding. But have no fear! Weddings in the Bahamas has been helping couples fulfill their dream weddings in the Bahamas during every phase of the travel health restrictions, so we understand how to make the process flow without glitches.

Step 1: Register for a Bahamas Travel Health Visa

As a Weddings in the Bahamas client, we will help you create a schedule to meet all travel health visa paperwork and testing deadlines. This information can be shared with your guests too as they will also be required to set up your travel health visa account. Most applications take between 24-36 hours to process and cost $40 for North American travelers and $50 for international travelers so it’s important to remind your guests that their accounts should be setup at least two weeks before your Wedding in the Bahamas date. Your Bahamas health visa purchase includes trip insurance coverage to cover the cost of possible quarantine or medical services as a result of contracting COVID-19 in the Bahamas.

Apply for your Bahamas Travel Health Visa HERE.

Step 2: Obtain a Pre-travel COVID-19 Test 

Regardless of your vaccine status, you will be required to upload into your travel health visa account proof of a negative result from  a COVID-19 RT-PCR Test that was taken within 72 hours of your travel date. This often comes in the form of an email or letter from the test provider (e.g., pharmacist or physician).

Not sure which test is accepted for entry and exit? Weddings in the Bahamas can help you identify qualified test providers on both ends of your visit.

Step 3: Check Your Airline or Cruise Line Health Travel Requirements

In most cases, travelers will need to present a copy of their approved Bahamas Travel Health Visa to gate agents in order to board the plane or ship. For those who have obtained both doses of the vaccination, it is also likely that you will need to provide proof of vaccination. Be aware that your last dose must be received at least two weeks prior to travel in order to pass the two-week immunity period.

All travelers must present the final confirmation document of their Travel Health Visa application, along with their negative COVID-19 test results and proof of full vaccination (if applicable), upon boarding flights to The Bahamas and again upon arrival in The Bahamas.

Weddings in the Bahamas is familiar with the unique travel health requirements for most major airlines and cruise lines and will help you fulfill their requirements as well.

Step 4: Obtain a COVID-19 Test to Exit the Bahamas

All travelers will need to obtain a COVID-19 viral test (regardless of vaccination status or citizenship) no more than one day before traveling/returning to the United States. Weddings in the Bahamas will help you and your party schedule appointments and can arrange transportation to receive a test at a qualified testing site near your hotel. Most hotels provide free testing as a courtesy to guests. The negative test result must be shown to the travel carrier before you board your flight or cruise ship.

Please be aware that face masks are required in public places in the Bahamas. Failure to wear a mask in public may be subject to a fine of $250. The CDC and Bahamian Ministry of Health recommend vaccination to reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19 and its variants.

As your wedding planner, Weddings in the Bahamas wants to make your destination wedding in the Bahamas as stress-free as possible. We will work to help you and your guests find answers to questions about COVID-19 travel protocols or unique health situations. Hire us and discover the difference experience makes. Weddings in the Bahamas: toll free at 1-877-232-5854.

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