Bahama-Friendly Fashion Trends for Weddings in the Bahamas

Bahama-Friendly Fashion Trends for Weddings in the Bahamas

Unlike traditional weddings that take place indoors, your wedding in the Bahamas might include a little bit of sun, sand, wind and water. For this reason, it’s important to choose attire that is appropriate for the tropical climate in the Caribbean.

You might think hosting your wedding in the Bahamas ceremony or reception in an air-conditioned venue avoids issues with the weather, but you can’t be certain. In fact, it’s likely you will want to take some wedding photos outdoors as the natural beauty of the Bahamas produces some gorgeous backdrops.

Have no fear, our licensed wedding specialist, Anne Marie Williams, has some tips to help you and your guests brave the heat and stay looking great:

Dress in light fabrics and simple summer styles

For brides, consider a summer wedding dress style. Even if your wedding will be held during the winter months, temperatures in the Bahamas rarely go below 80° during the day. Strapless, sleeveless, and short dresses are very appropriate. Also, leave your nylons or stockings at home. And while synthetic blends or polyester may seem like a lovely fabric choice (and be more affordable), neither fabric breathes easily, and you may find certain non-natural fabrics can make you overheat (not a risk you want to take to save a few bucks on your special day).

Wedding attire made from thin fabrics, cool cottons and light-colored linen are best when the sun is out. If possible, avoid suits and dresses that are lined in synthetic materials too.

“One way to check if the fabric will be ideal outdoors is to dab a wet fingertip on it, preferably along the hem, to see whether the wet spot disappears quickly or turns the fabric dark and lingers,” said Anne Marie.

Wear “easy off” shoes or sandals

Working with Weddings in the Bahamas, we’ll tell you whether your walk down the aisle involves a wood plank pier, soft sand, uneven pavement (like crushed shells) or grass. In any case, shoes with no clasps, thick heels or flat bottoms are best. Luckily there are some very cute formal sandal options now. But if your heart is set on strappy heels, be prepared to either kick them off or be mindful walking in those narrow heels as they pierce down into grass and sand, get caught between wooden planks, and can easily cause you to trip.

“For men, I usually recommend they avoid wearing long socks, if possible, as they will want to take off their socks and shoes during photos on the beach,” said Anne Marie. “This is also why I recommend women leave pantyhose at home too.”

Ditch hats and lose the veil

Many guests may want to wear a hat to cover their face from the sun, but Anne Marie discourages hats at weddings for the wedding party. Hats cover faces and cast dark shadows in photos. Plus, group shots of people in hats cause all sorts of issues.

“I don’t recommend brides wear long veils in the Bahamas as there is always a gentle breeze and a veil will turn into a wild kite at the exact moment you want it to behave,” said Anne Marie. “Other headdress options better suited for the Bahamas are tiaras, jeweled pins or clips, and floral headpieces.”

Take a look at our gallery of photos from past weddings for ideas on Bahamian-friendly wedding attire. Share the link with your friends and family so they can avoid problematic outfits too.

Need a second pair of eyes to help you choose the right dress or wedding party attire for your upcoming ceremony in the Bahamas? Contact Weddings in the Bahamas toll free at 1-877-232-5854.

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