All About Love: Symbolic Ceremony in the Bahamas

All About Love: Symbolic Ceremony in the Bahamas

Avoid the fuss and requirements of the Bahamian marriage application and licensing process with a symbolic ceremony (aka commitment wedding ceremony). A symbolic ceremony is just as special as a traditional wedding ceremony—it just removes the legal steps because you do them beforehand at your hometown clerk of the court’s office.

Symbolic wedding ceremonies in the Bahamas are very romantic because you, your spouse and guests can focus on the sincerity of the nuptials and significance of the special moment. It also means you can host your Wedding in the Bahamas anywhere, anytime, and the officiant doesn’t have to be licensed.

Many couples like the idea of a symbolic ceremony versus a traditional wedding ceremony because it removes all the unromantic, technical parts of the marriage like setting an appointment to fill out forms, pay fees, and take vows from a judge or licensed clerk who also must sign and file the certificate to make the union legal.

When the licensing requirements are completed ahead of the destination symbolic ceremony in the Bahamas, you have the freedom to plan a very unique and expressive celebration. It also gives you more control over how you wish to honor your cultural traditions or religious beliefs.

Weddings in the Bahamas can help couples design a memorable symbolic ceremony that is tailored to their needs, values, and beliefs. Be it traditional with a pastor or untraditional with poetry readings, we can help you discover options that fit your vision.

We have helped many couples plan a symbolic ceremony and would be honored to help you too. Call Anne Marie Williams, a Bahama-based licensed wedding planner, toll free at 1-877-232-5854 to discuss your symbolic ceremony in the Bahamas.

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