Imagine that it’s your wedding day… The Setting…
The Islands of The Bahamas made for Romance.

Imagine tropical islands framed by breathtaking beaches and transparent waters of a range of astonishing blues from pale green, to aquamarine to royal blue. Imagine unique architecture and some of the world’s finest resorts… Imagine losing yourself in the romance of old world charm, yet having all the conveniences of modern life always ready at hand. Add the warmth of some of the warmest, friendliest people in the world and you have the setting for the fulfillment of dreams.

Now close your eyes and see yourself here at your dream Bahamas destination wedding.

Just think of yourself and your love exchanging vows during your Bahamas destination wedding in a gazebo overlooking the ocean…making promises for a lifetime together on a secluded beach with a flock of curious gulls as your witnesses…or placing that specially chosen ring on the finger of your beloved in a garden filled with a colorful riot of bougainvillea, crotons and other bright tropical plants, perhaps romanced by violins or pulsing with the rhythms of a steel band, the whole scene warmed by the sun and ruffled by a breeze wafting from the sea…the perfect Bahamas destination wedding.

Can a dream Bahamas or Paradise Island destination wedding happen for you? Absolutely!

Try “Weddings in the Bahamas Ltd”. As our name suggests, we are Bahamas destination wedding planners who specialize in making the dream a reality. Our Bahamas and Paradise Island destination wedding planners are handmaidens to romance in one of the most romantic spots on earth. Our talented Bahamas destination wedding planner team has perfected the art of wedding coordination by taking into our capable hands those little details that demand full attention, when you and your love just want to be recording every smile, touch and promise on your special day.

How did we get so good at being Bahamas and paradise island wedding planners?

Years of experience, a passion for perfection and the assistance of a network of excellent service providers. We have been in the business of weaving Bahamas destination wedding dreams since 1987. Couples from every continent, from countries as far away as Australia and as near as our neighbour Florida, have trusted us to design their Bahamas paradise island destination weddings. Their wishes have been as varied as their homelands, but it has been our delight to fulfill every one of them to satisfaction.

What we do…

Our Bahamas destination wedding planners specialize in customizing your wedding day to meet your unique wishes. Once you have expressed your desires, we review, plan and organize your special day accordingly. We choose the right setting, the right person to perform the ceremony, cake, flowers, transportation and all that is needed to put the seal of perfection on the day. And we make it all accessible and affordable. We leave only one delightful task to the bride and groom–making great memories together.

Anne Marie Williams

Bahamas Wedding Expert

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