Find Your Treasure: Unique Bahama Wedding Portrait Locations

There are over 370,000 miles of shoreline in the world, but few have the qualities to be called truly spectacular like the beaches of the Bahamas. If you envision your wedding day and portraits on the beach, check out this list of reasons Bahamian beaches can’t be beat:

  • Soft breezes created by equatorial ocean currents keep Bahama beachgoers feeling comfortably cool
  • With the cleanest air quality in the world according to the World Air Quality Report, Bahama’s beaches are void of low-tide or urban smells
  • The sea water in the Bahamas is the same temperature as the air
  • Rain moves quickly across the islands due to atmospheric currents which means the sun is never behind a cloud for more than 15 minutes
  • Gentle waves along the shorelines have softened shells to create the softest white sand
  • Tides and currents along Bahama beaches create some of the clearest waters in the world

But the beach is not the only place where extraordinary weddings and photos can be done in the Bahamas. Read more to discover the versatility our island campus has to offer for your dream wedding day. Check out our wedding photo gallery page too.

Beyond the Beach

There’s no law that requires a beach wedding when choosing the Bahamas for your destination wedding. In fact, our rich history has blessed us with many glorious wedding site options.

First, an irresistible love of nature has graced the Bahamas with turn-of-the-century gardens, private grassy peninsulas, an abandoned military fort, and an eight-century old stone monastery. These off-the-beaten-path locations provide dramatic backdrops to your wedding day vows and photos.

Second, the ease of access and popularity of the Bahamas has attracted world-recognized hoteliers and luxury resorts. Like its treasured natural beauty, these properties are more than just a place to rest. They are magical destinations with amenities and views that wow visitors and create lasting memories.

Working with one of our talented wedding photographers, Weddings in the Bahamas knows where the best photo spots are located on the island. So, whether you love the idea of having your entire wedding party photos on a dramatic staircase, or a silhouetted portrait of the bride and groom against a colorful sun setting sky, we can make it happen! View our creativity on Instagram.

You provide the vision, and we will capture it. Give us a call, toll free, at 1-877-232-5854 to discuss your Wedding in the Bahamas photo dreams today.

Photographer: Nancy Easton, Easton Studios

Location: Old Fort Bay Club