Three Reasons to Hire Hair & Makeup Professionals for Your Bahama Wedding

It may seem like a simple task that you regularly perform every day but applying your makeup and styling your hair for your Bahama wedding can quickly become an unnecessary hassle that can result in disaster. Here are three big reasons we suggest adding professional makeup and hair services to your Weddings in the Bahamas wedding package.

REASON 1: Remove a big stress trigger

Your wedding day should be filled with positive memories not stressful tasks. As your Weddings in the Bahamas wedding planner, I can tell you that too many ceremonies have been delayed because the bride is putting finishing touches on her hair and makeup. This important responsibility can quickly create tension, and if the outcome of your attempts is not 100% satisfactory, this one small factor can trigger anxiety.

A professional hair stylist and makeup artist can eliminate 99% of the stress in this area because they have the tools and talent to make your wedding day appearance look natural and appealing. Your Weddings in the Bahamas wedding planner will ask about your beauty needs during your wedding planning stage, so appointments can be secured and your stylists understand what look you are seeking when you arrive.

Wedding-day grooming needs for men are also a nice treat for the groom and other men in your wedding party. From haircuts to eyebrow trims, we’ll make sure they are looking dapper for the day.

With beauty services booked ahead of time, you don’t have to worry about packing and traveling with a ton of products and appliances. As you know, TSA limits carry-on liquids to just 3 ounces. And checking bags full of makeup and hair supplies often results in one small leak that can ruin many other items.

Here’s a little secret I’ve learned from my brides: Besides the wedding day, most of them wear little to no make-up during their trip to the Bahamas. Except for sunscreen, sunglasses, a big hat and maybe a little tinted lip gloss, a bride needs very little on her face as her inner beauty and joy is bedazzling enough.

REASON 2: Avoid using the wrong tools and products

Adding beauty services to your Weddings in the Bahamas wedding package is a smart choice as many brides are unfamiliar with products best suited for the tropical climate. For example, if you live in an area where the air is dry and regularly use hydrating products on your hair – these same products may produce oily results on your wedding day because the Bahamian climate is very humid. Likewise, if your idea of special occasion makeup is best suited for nightclubs, you won’t like how this look appears in photos of you on a sunny beach with your new spouse.

Adding beauty services also eliminates mishaps and beauty no nos by those in your wedding party. No one wants to wrestle bows into a toddler’s hair an hour before a wedding or worry that your teenage niece is wearing bedazzled eyelashes or a sloppy ponytail.

Professional makeup artists understand how to blend, mask, highlight and illuminate facial features in a manner that looks natural and appealing. Additionally, wedding day hair stylists know how to attach flowers to all types of hair; how to make veils, hats, tiaras, and designer clips stay put; how to make curls bounce not frizz, and how to manage fly-aways during breezy weather (and there will be breezes on the beach).

REASON 3: Prevent an experiment gone terribly wrong

Your wedding day is not the occasion to experiment with new products or techniques. Avoid trying new things like attaching false eyelashes or attempting dramatic contouring techniques if you have never done them before. It’s also not the appropriate time to adopt a new hairstyle or use a new hair product for the first time. Even a simple updo or bun can become loose or lose its hold if you don’t know how to secure it properly.

Many brides also believe extreme tanning, spray tans or body makeup is necessary for a wedding. Your Weddings in the Bahamas wedding planner can discuss alternatives or tips to minimize tanning disasters. Another regret by many brides is having facial rejuvenation services too close to their wedding date. Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done to reduce puffiness or peeling caused by injections or peels. So rethink decisions that might have unpleasant outcomes.

With hair and makeup services arranged by Weddings in the Bahamas, you can remove the stress of looking your best (and/or your family’s best) so you can focus on the magic of your special day.

Brides to Be: Weddings in the Bahamas works with salons and stylists located in or near many of the island’s most popular resorts. We can also arrange for in-room styling and bookings to accommodate services for all the men and ladies in your wedding party. Feel free to call us toll free at 1-877-232-5854 to discuss your wedding makeup and hair style options.